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I know something about your child. Your kid is great.  Imaginative, playful, sensitive, talented even.  He or she looks at or interacts with the world differently, and that’s what makes them special.  I understand that your child or teen might not express themselves in ways you understand, or they might not communicate like you or I do.  And that’s ok.  Through creative play and the empathic process of art making, I can relate to your child in consistent supportive sessions on his or her own level, wherever that is for them.  I can help your child learn to effectively communicate their individual needs and feelings, and assist them in understanding how to navigate them.  Disability is oftentimes defined by what is missing, but autism spectrum disorders, for example, are just as much about what’s there: abundance in sensitivity, feeling, and expression.  Your child isn’t like some of the other kids.  And that’s awesome.

My background stems from many years in professional broadcasting (CNN Headline News, Walt Disney Studios) and print publication art direction (SLAP Skateboard Magazine, Pottery Barn Kids) before becoming a licensed and board certified art therapist. I'm nationally recognized in the field of psychotherapy as a recipient of the Pratt Institute Creativity Development Fellowship and a North Brooklyn Health Network grant awardee, funding a fully digital inpatient mental health video arts therapy program for adults. I am also a regular research presenter and member of American Art Therapy Association. At present, my focus is dedicated to youth struggling with non-verbal and emotional stressors where I embrace autism spectrum disorders, social anxieties, behavioral issues, hyperactivity/ADHD, and developmental delays in my private multi-media studio (shown below).

art studio art studio client

"Jon Ehinger has worked with our ASD son and daughter for a few years.  Jon has used their interests (like Spiderman and Harry Potter) to teach them how to draw, make clay figures, and transform their ideas into iMovies.  These projects have really helped them initiate conversations with their peers when sharing them with friends and classmates." —Laura and Matt D.

"Jon's therapeutic work with my son has improved his socialization and serves as a reward for good behavior.  Together they storyboard and write screenplays where they cast neighbors and schoolmates,then edit and create DVDs, all with Jon's guidance.  From start to finish, Jon teaches my son the necessary patience needed to complete each video project they think-up!" —Ellen A.

*Pet allergies must be discussed prior to making an appointment. Sliding scale reimbursements available to low-income families and Park Slope local residents; refer to the Client/Therapist agreement. 24 hour cancelation policy enforced for all sessions.